# Who I am


Hello, I am Santo, a programmer and a cs student graduated from the University of Catania and enrolled in a Master's degree program at the University of Bologna.

Started with PHP and C, now I'm learning Rust and OCaml.

I'm a beer lover (as you can see from the picture above page) and in my free time I enjoy cooking.

I'm also a cinephile! Well, I was before the university. Time is always less and less, but I'm tracking (since november, 2020) the movies I watch.

In the grey section you can contact me in many and many ways, so It's useless rewrite those links here. But, if you want to touch me intimately (don't think dirty) you can contact me at santo [at] dcariotti [dot] me. Here it is my key and my fingerprint F422 EE52 8943 260C 5632 C1A5 C9B7 C8FD 3701 C2C6.