Back to the office

This week has been different than others, 'cause I finally back to the office.

I'm enthusiast for this except for a few things:

  • I started to design a fucking website in Wordpress (oh man, I'm not a fucking webdesigner)
  • a hated customer with his damned ecommerce written in Laravel
  • I'm a bit cooled 🤒

Ok, I've to do some notes about these words:

  1. I've nothing versus webdesigner, but I study algorithms, fucking Assembly language, data structures, fucking Assembly language, crypthography, fucking Assembly language, natural languages, fucking Assembly language, database and what do u me make me do? a website in Wordpress? 😡.
  2. I don't want spend other of my time to talk 'bout this project written in Laravel, but I finally fix all bugs he wanted to fix and I'll not say no more words 'bout it... NOW.
  3. I don't have coronavirus, or at least I hope so.


I'm just a little behind the study compared than my classmates, and I've not started two courses yet, but I'm really optimistic to finish everything in december. And then I'll start courses of the second year (oh yeah...).

I finally create a perfect .vimrc, .tmux, .zsh files. I love VIM, I write code everytime faster than before.

I started to watch some online courses: Algorithms and Data structures by University of California San Diego, Linear Algebra applied to Machine Learning by Imperial College London (London.. but the lecturer talks about Euro instead of Pounds.. don't ask me why oh) and AWS (yeah, finally I'm going to learn the Amazon fucking Web fucking Services). Remember when I decided to learn Rust? I don't write anything in Rust since then. I really kinda suck, but I don't have much time to do everything. I've so many things to study that I didn't know how to start so I decided to write this post instead of study (in real sense); for my parents I'm a genius 😁.


PS: We're talking about VIM, so I want to share this topic posted on Reddit 2 years ago:

PS2: This is how my VIM looks like. I'm studing Programming II on this screenshot, so we could say I'm a really good student. Study+shilly-shally=😎 (if u hadn't caught it, it's me with sunglasses)

vim on my desktop
Written on May 23, 2020