lifelog 1 - reddit, new drug

I'm sober this sunday: It's something strange and new but I had to do. I'm kidding emh.

Remember when I decided to uninstall Instagram from my iPhone? I do, of course I do. It's the Reddit turn. Nooo, I don't want to uninstall Reddit but I'm spending a lot of time here.


I created an account about 4 years ago (u/usantoc) and, since last week, I opened that website sometimes. Now, according to my iPhone app, I spend hours to read, scroll, inform, laugh, on Reddit. And you wanna know what? It's better than Instagram.

I don't watch soft-porn videos or stupid-travel-and-ass-or-boobs-pics from Maldives.

I'm tired, but I'm doing my best to tell my fucking-business to a PC (no-one is forcing me to do this but I want to), but It's not the time for now, sooooo, take this post and do it enought for this week, bye.


Written on October 4, 2020