lifelog 2 - back to the university

Ja, I purchased a domain and put this site on. Welcome to



I also know that I've forgotten to write an article in the last 3 weeks but the truth is: my life is a monotonous and boring cycle.

I mean, I wake up, university lessons, gym, eat, work, eat, study, sleep. FINISHED.

It's a fuuucking boring cycle or at least It was until last week 'cause I work remotely again and gyms are closed (thx u so much 'mbare Peppe). Now I don't get out home, I cannot even have a beer after work :(

This academic year, however, seems difficult: I don't know if because I still have three exams from last year or because I don't want to stay at home. I would rather travel the world but I can't and that bothers me.


I'm developing more and more and more boring stuff but there's something good about all this story: missing 2 months at Christmas and this means salary x2!

I'm considering to switching to Debian but not before Christmas holidays.

Sentence about Debian could also be considered in the university, job and life sections


I read one book: The Sorrows of Young Werther, maybe next time I'll write a little comment about it. I've started White Nights but free time to read is less and less. Anyway stop complaining! I'm kiddin', just a bit tired. I just want to have a cold beer in my favourite pub. I miss Instagram so here is a pic of Ric and Clà studying last week.

va che bellini

Written on October 28, 2020