lifelog 3 - doing procrastinating stuff

This log has become monthly rather than weekly but, of course, the week is boring for everyone.

Last year (nov, 24th 2019) i was at Budapest, spending more time with my gf at Gellért thermal baths and today i'm inundate by university exams. Thanks a lot Databases and Maths classes.

My beard and hair are growing weird. I've a strange curiosity about it, for this reason i've not yet decided to cut 'em.

Nerd stuff

At work i'm testing things like Sentry and Dokku. I feel more a real programmer when i use this type of software instead of taking an UI on Adobe XD and putting the HTML/CSS/JS code inside a git repository.

I had the brilliant idea of installing Debian, again -.-". I wiped the partition, increased it (it was only 80GB, fuck) and tried to install it. Wasteful when i say that i spent 4 hours concluding nothing, damn ethernet drive. I re-installed Ubuntu, but, this time, Ubuntu Mate! Nothing changed, just a couple of GB saved. I also re-structured my gitconfig file and generated a GPG key, so i can firm my commits now. This looks like a pro for me.


I'm using Twitter now, more like a passive stupid procrastinating student than a smart boy. But, what can i say about?! The reality is:

I'm not late for exams: i'm just lazy. I need to do something always different to keep my curiosity and focus. Doing the same things more and more causes to me a innate sense of boredom and discomfort. Maybe i'm weird or maybe i'm just human.

I want to share a pic of Budapest from last year, cause i realized that i don't miss Budapest, i miss the curiosity of discover new stuff, and Budapest was.


You can check the movie list i watched since nov 14th.

Written on November 24, 2020