lifelog 4 - new desk setup

Thanks to Black Friday (and remote working) i finally bought an external keyboard and mouse for my new desk.


I took an old desk and moved it to my room. It was ok except for my long legs and a central drawer where my legs were constantly banging. I was forced to put my legs horizontally, a real agony for me. So i decided to buy a keyboard to connect it to this laptopo. It's a new stuff for me 'cause it's ergonomic, or, as i like to say to everyone: splitted.

I also bought a vertical mouse, 'cause it was uncomfortable to use both external keyboard and integraded laptop touchpad.

My back thanks.

Emails stuff

I have configured neomutt for my personal emails. I tried setting it also for my work email but without success. When it's easy to set up i'll also integrate my @gmail email too. I'm really appreciating the terminal email approach: easy to read and Mutt doesn't distract me. Obviously, i use this email first for Debian maillist so emails are a few for now but who knows?

There's one more thing: i have to study linear algebra, a beautiful course that i've been following since last year and which i postponed to january.

Feel the wonderful Christmas spirit of december 1st? Oh yes... vin brulè, pandoro, tombola, unwelcome gifts, lots of love and lots of a lot of stress.

Written on December 1, 2020