lifelog 5 - summary of this year

2020 was a different year in a different sense, but something has went good... more or less.

I bought a domain, created a blog and created a new custom email for work and LinkedIn. How professional i am, omg. I bought 3 types of Vans, I'd like to be an ambassador. Maybe 2021 will be my year for a collaboration with Vans. I opened debt with a bank: ok, i'm saying something more drastic than it is, the fact is: financial payment. Fuck capitalism! I started upgrading my home office and wrote something like 100000 lines of code, learning new languages and tools.

I got my first tattoo, my lovely friend John. I posted a pic of him on my Instagram, check it out. I also pierced my ear, i'm John Travolta double.

I've taken an unknown number of exams at the university: postponed and turned down more than i could count.

I traveled around Sicily, discovering new beers (and other things, but you know, i must respect the disclaimer of my Instagram account). Also started to make cocktails at home.

I joined the gym, bodybuilding: my muscles thank me, but not thanks to 'mbare Peppe. You can't close gyms after paying the annual subscription. Anyway, I have to do something for my back; i spend too much time sitting for work or study.

I met new people and made new pub friends. Love you too, "sea friends".

I think I've not forgotten nothing. This year could have been better, but emh, I'm here at least to write these words.


Written on December 31, 2020