lifelog 7 - mr. robot

Last week I finally finished Mr Robot tv series. I started this fantastic world almost 4 years ago.

When I started I was a younger computer science student. I had never written good code for good security (nor now eh) in C, C++, Python or anything else. I was just a PHP developer: one of them that write code from scratch, no frameworks or library so when I saw the pilot my face was: 🤩. I wrote fansites for Habbo, oh, what memories.

Anyway, Prime Video added the last season about 10 days ago, so I've finally decided to watch the last 13 episodes, over 1 year after release.

I have seen some coincidences with my life. Exclude the first one: the paranoia for the privacy. Whoever can say they know me, can say that I break the balls at everyone for privacy: "use signal, stop whatsapp, stop facebook, don't use all these google stuff, don't write an online blog where you write all your stupid thoughts". Oh no, the last one!

Ok, maybe my personality is shaped by tv series like Mr Robot, Chuck, Halt and Catch fire, so, maybe this.. this is not really a coincidence.

The second and the last one because I don't want to bore anyone: the Budapest metaphor. Budapest, a enchanting place, one of my favorite cities, a place where until last week I was lookin' for job ads on LinkedIn because who knows? Maybe it will be my second home after Sicily. Budapest, as Darlin thinks, is in fact a metaphor for "escape from reality". A place where each of us can be whatever he wants. Maybe my subconscious decided to go to Budapest because of Mr Robot(?)

No spoiler will be writter here, the only word I would say now is: WOW. What a series!

Sorry for this embed code of Instagram, but it's perfect to share here now.

A piece of my adolescente is gone, stop crying c'mon.

Written on February 1, 2021